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For the past several years, TwoMavericks has been compiling comprehensive tracings of acadian ancestry with roots far back in history — some families as far back as before the Christian Era.

Welcome to TwoMavericks’ Acadian genealogy site... still under construction ... This is a temporary site simply to let you know how we are progressing and keep you informed of our developments. We plan to have this site operational soon (within the next "few" months).

We have been working on developing comprehensive tracings of our acadian roots for several years.

We are hoping to establish a user-sponsored site in order to keep advertising out (completely.) We would also like to keep this site non-profit (that's the reason for choosing a .net top level domain name.)

We hope you will bookmark this site and visit often to check on our status.

Please use the Contact page and let us know if you would be interested in an advanced membership or other contributions to the site or simply to make suggestions for what you would like to see in a genealogy site (layout, navigation, etc...)
TwoMavericks are Honor Chedotal and Butch Mahoney (internet "handle:" Fox.) We began our business partnership 25 years ago with a delivery business, which we hated. Long story short: in 1995, we discovered the internet and have been hooked ever since.

Honor is doing all the computer entry work on family histories — Butch is doing all the leg work, visiting local libraries and such, collecting local family data. Butch also does all the website work, not only for, but also for anyone who can use his services. Please visit™ or Site-Creations™ if you are interested in any of his services. It helps pay the bills for this site.
We plan to offer specific family research services from the "Second" Acadian Coast (Ascension, St. James parish area) extending from Baton Rouge to New Orleans (provided, of course, that we haven't already researched your specific family already!).

To help you develop your own family genealogy site, we can also offer:

• website design services

• graphic design services

• javascript/php programming

• hosting for your site

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